Saturday, 6 June 2009

Twitter: An effective marketing tool?

This new phenomenon is a micro-blogging site. The Twitter site asks its users one simple question: “What are you doing?” Then your co-workers, family and friends can ‘follow’ your updates.

My question is: Can it be used as an effective marketing tool?

I know that there is a growing presence on Twitter of Etsy sellers promoting their shops. However I’m not sure that the any of the views generated from tweeting are converted into sales.
One of the major problems I find is getting the right followers. Tweeting links or promotions is fine but if your information is not reaching potential customers it’s useless!

Many Etsy sellers I got information from said that you have to be careful not to over promote your shop. Followers can get bored with constant promotions and links to your shop. Less is definitely more!
tinahdee says: I probably do 80-90% non-promo stuff, and then tweet when I list something NEW (not a renewal) or to notify about a sale or discount.

Despite its drawbacks some Etsy sellers say it’s very successful.
For example modernemotive says: I've gotten my biggest sales off them (3 over $50) plus many others for lower transactions. . . . . When I remember, I do ask how customers found me, and quite often it comes back to twitter. :) I Twitter about whatever comes to mind. :)

I think you’re success on Twitter depends on what you make of it – Spamming will get you no where but no promotion will do just as little. My opinion is that promotion on Twitter should be used sparingly. Try mixing it with details of your day like “Just sitting down to start making a new design” or “Off to bed.” Make your tweets interesting so people will look forward to hearing what you’re up to and hopefully you’ll reap the rewards!


  1. I'm not too fond of twitter, I love to chat so limiting myself to just a few phrases doesn't work much for me. But indeed it is a great marketing tool if your target market tweets. ^-^


  2. Awesome info...thanks so much! :)

  3. Cool blog post. I am writting a book on Twitter Marketing for Artisans which will be out soon :)

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