Monday, 8 June 2009

Making Your Outfit Smile!

Well this week I came up with some new ideas for my Etsy shop. I was doing a bit of clearing out when I found a huge tin of buttons.

Some of the buttons were gorgeous and while I was wading through the box and found myself picking out combinations that I liked, complimentary colours and more unusual ones too!

So I guess that's what inspired me to start making these button barettes and button brooches. My personal favorite is the barette shown to the left. I think it has a real shabby chic feel. I'm tempted to keep it myself! But alas it's on Etsy here's the link if you would like to know more about it:

I've also added to my accessory range with the introduction of brooches! It was actually my Auntie who suggested I start making them. She said she loved my hair accessories and she thought if there was a way to attach them to her clothes they could really make her outfit smile. I loved the way she said that so it has become the new mantra of my shop: "Making your outfit smile" I think it sums up exactly what I'm trying to achieve.

So anyway - back to brooches. I think the picture to the right is my best brooch so far. The colours are really striking and very fashionable for this season. If you like the look of it go to:

There's lots of new brooches and barettes in different colours and designs on my shop right now so take a look if you want to make your outfit smile!:

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