Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fortnightly Featured Seller

So today I’m introducing a new regular blog item – The Fortnightly Featured Seller.

My featured seller for this fortnight is Michelle of She makes and sells jewellery. Michelle’s shop recently celebrated its second anniversary. A resident of Honolulu in Hawaii, Michelle graduated last year with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in Japanese and says when she’s not making jewellery she loves going to the movies and drinking champagne.

I asked Michelle a few questions about herself and her shop:

1. What inspires you to make such unique jewellery?

I'm inspired by fantasies from when I was a child. I wanted everything to be in pink and blue like cotton candy, ride on a unicorn and eat ice cream all day long. My grandmother owns a very large land area in Japan and made it into a beautiful garden that is now a popular tourist attraction. I would spend my childhood in her garden looking at blue Hydrangeas wishing I could take it all back home with me. In my shop, you will see lots of flowers from rose cameos to czech flower beads.

2. Which item in your shop is your favorite?

My favorite item in my shop is the Bermuda Blue Sunset Earrings. I love how at one angle it has a beautiful ocean hue color and if you look at it from another angle, it has a warm beautiful sunset color. Here's the link:

3. Which items do you enjoy making the most?

I enjoy making items with flower cabochons. You can add them to anything! I place them on lockets, on leaf petals, and they're gorgeous just by itself. Flower cabochons were the most popular last year during the Christmas season, so I will be definitely getting more of those :)

I’d like to say thanks to Michelle for being my first ever Fortnightly Featured Seller. If you would like to be featured contact me through the Etsy convo system. My shop is


  1. Yay! Thanks so much for featuring me, your blog is adorable. I hope you get a lot of followers :)


  2. she is unbelievably amazing