Saturday, 8 August 2009

Time Management Tips

Well, you don't need to have been selling on Etsy for long before you realise there is so much to do and so little time to do it all in.

Think about it, you've got to be anything and everything for your little business. You have to create, list, photograph, market, work the forums, social networking, package, ship, monitor supplies, answer questions and all the little jobs that crop up. Phew. It's a lot. Especially if you're tied up with a job or school or kids.

It shocked me at first to discover that Etsy success doesn't just happen - you have to work your socks off to get it. You can't list as you walk out the door and arrive home to a sale. By no means am I anywhere near success but with so much else going on I have certainly found a way to squeeze my Etsy chores into my day.

Our human nature is to procrastinate, leave everything to the last minute. If you go online to list an item - do it. Don't check your email, dont go onto facebook. Go straight to Etsy and list the item. I always write a small list and stick it on my laptop saying exactly what I have to do.
For example:
1. Check Conversations
2. Send shipping notifications
3. List 2 new items
Once I finish the list I can do other things but the list is great for getting your mind to focus and you'll get the job done in half the time.

Another thing to try out is set a deadline for every task you undertake and then take a quarter of that time off. For example if you say you are going to make one item in an hour then take 15 minutes off. Therefore you're saying you will make it in 45 minutes. I always used to set deadlines for myself and I would always use up the whole time. However when you set yourself a shorter deadline you might find yourself taking up a lot less time! Your mind focuses on the task in hand and you can just get on with it.

My third and final tip is on to do lists. Firstly, be reasonable; you aren't going to list 10 items and go to work and make dinner and clean out the hamster cage and write a blog post and take photos all in one day so don't write it on the list. The best way I've found is to write your list in two columns: "To do today" and "To do by the end of the week" This system works well if you set realistic goals as you can finish your "today" list and start working on the "week" list. It means you can feel organized and can focus on putting your effort into your tasks. Remember once you've made your list, don't procrastinate! It will only take you longer.

So in summary my three tips for managing your time are:

1. Dont procrastinate

2. Set short (but achievable) time deadlines

3. Organize your tasks into lists

I hope these tips help!


  1. Very good tips, and you are so on the money with them ! Just do it now ! And yes, success comes with lots of work and effort.
    Good sales to you!

  2. Great article!! Procrastination can be such a deadly 'sin'!!

  3. I should try listing the 3 most important tasks on my To Do list, and anything after that would be a bonus.

    Thanks for the tips!